Is closing a hospital a permanent solution?

Ever since the Nishwa's incident happened, there's been a lot of buzz going around how government should deal with this whole issue?

Ever since the Nishwa’s incident happened, there’s been a lot of buzz going around How government should deal with this whole issue?

Including Nishwa’s father who has also organized sit-in protest with the help of Social Activists & Local Politician Jibran Nasir along with the other protest who claimed to have the same kind of medical negligence experience as Nishwa faced, demand govt to seize hospital & arrest owners.

But many medical & media professionals are worried & have raised concerns on the overall conduct of investigation & irresponsible behavior of some media anchors which is seriously damaging the Patient-Doctor Trust.

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Secretary General-central Dr. Qaiser Sajjad here on Thursday said that closure of medical facility over individual’s negligence was an inappropriate step.

Addressing a press conference at PMA House, Dr. Qaiser Sajjad said, “Nishwa was killed by wrong injecting at Darul Sehat Hospital and a young girl, Asmat was killed at a government hospital in Korangi.”

Dr. Qaiser Sajjad further said, “We should put the system on the right track instead of shutting hospital.” He asked that would the government seal Sindh Assembly over the mistake of any MPA?

PIMA (Pakistan Islamic Medical Association) in their statement demands the government to adopt a sensible and logical approach rather than adding insult to the injury.

Some journalists also have raised questions over the seizure of hospital demands

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