PM Modi-Akshay Interaction Has Twitter Talking

On Tuesday night, Akshay Kumar on Twitter declared that he had recorded a candid, informal and freewheeling chat with PM Narendra Modi which would give an insight into certain lesser known facts about him.

The interview went live at 9 AM on news agency ANI’s official site with multiple other publications also live streaming it.

Akshay Kumar chatted with the PM on a range of topics, none political, of course.

The conversation topics ranged from if the PM ate mangoes to if he has seen memes about himself online.

Twitter had a lot to say about the interview. Some tweets were funny. Others critical, while some showered praise.

Twitter remained critical of the interview. Some calling it “laughable” and “hilarious”.

Akshay Kumar taking Modi’s “non-political” interview in vote session —- Seriously ? “Aap aam Khare hai kya?” , You have enough time to face these questions, but don’t have the guts to do a single press conference in 5 years ? @narendramodi @akshaykumar #AkshayKumar

— Logical Human (@Logicalhuman123) April 24, 2019

A Twitter user called the interview a plot to compensate after three phases.


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