Eurovision 2019, Defeat of Zionist PR Campaign

Eurovision single biggest international musical competition ended up on last Saturday with a win from The Netherlands’ Duncan Laurence. The 2019 competition was held in Tel-Aviv which is in so-called Jewish Zionist State of Israel.

Despite efforts to ensure the event goes ahead without controversy, The guest star, Madonna & Iceland band Hatari used Eurovision as an opportunity to highlight & support for the Palestinian cause by showing Palestinian Flag.

Watched by 186 million people in 2018, Israeli authorities saw this contest as a way of improving the country’s brand image, The Israeli organizers of this year’s Eurovision feared that some of the competitors, under pressure from the boycott, divestment, and sanctions the movement might inject politics into their performances.

More than 150,000 Europeans and others signed petitions urging the boycott of the contest, hundreds of leading artists lent their support, including former Eurovision contestants and one winner joined the calls.

Having claimed for months that tens of thousands of tourists would travel to apartheid Tel Aviv for the contest, Israeli organizers now admit that only around 5,000 to 7,000 arrived.

The calls for boycotting Eurovision intensified after Israel’s recent bombardment of the Gaza Strip and shooting of Palestinian protesters calling for an end to the blockade of the coastal strip. Peaceful protests were also held during the Eurovision semi-finals where protesters held up “Boycott Eurovision” and “Free Palestine” signs,

Madonna herself had faced calls from a Palestinian-led campaign to avoid performing at the event in Israel. But the Queen of Pop rejected the boycott motions, saying she will “never stop playing music to suit someone’s political agenda.” Still, one of her embracing dancers sported the flag of the Palestinian on her back.

Iceland’s controversial steampunk band Hatari, which had drawn attention for initially saying it would be “absurd” to participate in Israel because of its policies toward the Palestinians. They had vowed to use the Eurovision spotlight to expose the “face of the occupation,” at the end of the broadcast, when their final vote tally was announced, did they whip out a Palestinian flag, tosounds of boos from the audience.

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